Here's What Our Students Say

"I think ultrasound training would be good for new grads to hone their anatomy skills. Back in school, when you're studying the different layers and 3D anatomy, you might wonder, 'What is this for?' But now, as I'm using ultrasound, I realize, 'Oh my goodness, that's what it's for!' It's also great for seasoned professionals looking to upgrade their skills and take their practice to the next level."

- Jacob Kelso

"I recommend ultrasound training to anyone who wants to enhance their clinical skills, clinical reasoning, and treatment approaches as a physical therapist. It will change the way you practice and make you a better clinician."

- Brianne Showman

"The low barrier to entry for visualizing what's going on in the body with ultrasound has been really valuable. It has really increased patient buy-in for us as well."

- Eric Christensen

"The program has made me more autonomous in my practice. It's fun to bring more objectivity to the patients and inform them of their progress in healing or guide them to the right specialist when needed." 

- Lon Egbert


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